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Why VCs Love CrowdFunding?

Why VCs Love CrowdFunding?

Steven A. Cinelli. CrowdfundBeat contributing editor, August 18, 2014, With all the conversation about the perspective of the venture capital industry on the nascent crowdfunding space, it is becoming clear that VCs will be increasingly welcoming platforms that facilitate funding for emerging companies. Stop and think about it. Seed financing has the highest level of failure. The VCs and to some extent the angel community has played that role by providing pre-concept enterprises a bit of juice to test the waters. And as we know, the VCs get refunded based on…

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Canada’s On Spec magazine crowdfunding after grant is cut


On Spec, Canada’s leading science fiction magazine, faces closure after its Canada Council grant was abruptly, unfairly cancelled. They’re raising funds to keep going. On Spec is a fantastic magazine…

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Global Crowdfunding with Dr. Richard Swart, UC Berkeley, Director of Crowdfunding Research

CrowdfundSuite a new funding hub launched in Canada


Five Things to Think About Before Crowdfunding in Canada … Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are rapidly entering the mainstream and after seeing so many successful multi-million dollar campaigns,…

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Star Citizen CrowdFunding, $49M

“Peer to Peer Revolution” Crowdfunding, special report by MoneyWeek

“Peer to Peer Revolution” Crowdfunding, special report by MoneyWeek

A letter from MoneyWeek’s Editor John Stepek, CROWDPOWER, How you could make a small fortune from the Peer-to-Peer revolution, I used to read a lot of comics when I was…

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Jewish Museum and Archives of B.C. launches $18,000 crowdfunding effort for new website

EIP picks winners at the expense of fostering innovations, says AIIA CEO

EIP picks winners at the expense of fostering innovations, says AIIA CEO

Kye White | July 28, 2014 | startupsmart | Australia – By The federal government’s Entrepreneurs Infrastructure Program picks winners, rather than fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, Australian Information Industry Association…

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Four Canadian Crowdfunding Campaigns Worth Watching This Week

everyday watch

TechVibes – July 27,  2014 – It’s that time of the week when we look at what creative ideas Canadians are raising money to support. Check out these Canadian crowdfunding…

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Equity Crowdfunding for Real Estate


Live Crowdfunding .tv

Crowdfunding Expert Clay Hebert Wants to Help You Raise Big Bucks ....MORE VIDEOS

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