Canadian Thrashers FATALITY: Tips For Successful CrowdFunding


Toronto’s favorite thrash party monsters Fatality recently wrapped up their two-month North American “Towards Disastour” in support of their latest album, ‘Psychonaut’, but before they hit the road and released the album, the band put together a crowd funding campaign to help them achieve the release and the tour. Adam Zlotnik recently explained how it was done on Decibel Magazine‘s DeciBlog. A darker and more mature effort, Psychonaut brings forth Fatality’s trademark energy and commitment to drunken mayhem. Tracks like ‘Thoughts Collide’ and ‘Before The Collapse’ delve deep into the sodden minds of their creators, bubbling with the strange alchemy of pop culture. Psychonaut is an exploration of the inner landscape of the mind, where addled thoughts and horror-polluted dreams are held up to musical scrutiny. Monstrous, ambitious, and sardonically funny as ever, Fatality are taking their unique sound and boundless energy to the next level.
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Track Listing: Psychonaut
1. Enter Purgatory – 7:54
2. Thoughts Collide – 5:11
3. Monstrous – 5:26
4. Before the Collapse – 5:29
5. Towards Disaster – 4:47
6. Psychonaut – 6:10
7. Satan’s Shepherd – 4:18
8. Thrashterpiece II – 7:15
Total: 46:25

‘Psychonaut’ is available on iTunes, Bandcamp, Big Cartel.





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