Small Business

The Crowdfunding Revolution


Maybe you want to start your own business but you’re not exactly rolling in cash. Millions of people are financing projects and businesses not with bank loans or traditional investors but with what’s called “crowdfunding”. That said, if you pledge cash for a product or project be prepared to be very, very patient. A CNN money examination of the top 50 most-funded projects on kickstarter found that 84 percent missed their target delivery date. Brianna keilar explains how this phenomenon is revolutionizing small businesses. Source: CNN money

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President Bill Clinton Helps Launch Kiva City Little Rock to Bolster Small Business Growth

Bill Clinton

President Bill Clinton today helped announce the launch of Kiva City Little Rock, an initiative that expands the availability of microloans for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in the Little Rock area. The program reaches underserved borrowers by crowdfunding loans, connecting current and future small business owners to a global online community where anyone with an Internet connection and $25 or more can lend to a local Arkansas business at Kiva City Little Rock is the latest implementation of the Kiva City Initiative, a partnership between Kiva and…

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