FrontFundr launches Crowdfunding Platform to access new Capital Markets

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A crowd of BC’s venture and finance communities gathered yesterday at The Profile in Vancouver to network and herald the launch of Frontfundr, Canada’s newest crowdfunding platform. Their timing appears impeccable with the advent just 2 weeks ago of the Startup Crowdfunding exemption in 6 provinces including BC. For the first time regular Joes and Janes will be able to invest up to $1500 in innovative companies they believe in.

Frontfundr unveiled the team, key features and first deals that they envision will help transform venture capital in Canada via democratized access to hot startups and online investment. Or at least those ventures active in the platform’s sweet spot of Arts + Entertainment, Energy + Environment and Technology.

Peter-Paul Van Hoeken, Frontfundr CEO, spoke to their quest to level the playing field for all types of investors: “We are offering an open market connecting seasoned investors and retail investors with stringently screened companies and supporting the entire investment process from pitch to securities purchase. Delivering better capital and better deals to all parties.” The team certainly has an impressive pedigree in investment banking, technology and corporate finance.

CFO Sean Burke, ex PWC, covered off the requisite thank yous and then introduced the other stars of the show, the first vetted businesses. The Frontfundr platform was demonstrated by one of those first deals, RentMoola, a Rewards platform for renters that appeared to have considerable traction. The interface was slick and featured the Pitch Place – where live deals are showcased, currently also including Kickstarter graduate Interlock, the lock that hides inside your bike, and Guusto, a gifting platform with 1000+ partner locations to date.


Other features that caught our eye included the Sector Lounge, currently featuring where ventures like Emergent Waste Solutions hang out to gain exposure prior to live deals and a very useful Map that showcases key Regulations by Province in the Investor Concierge. Frontfundr will operate as a fully compliant Exempt Market dealer that preps and vets the deal flow for investors while being upfront on the risk of these early stage ventures. Of note, the initial deals have a minimum participation of $5,000 or $6,000 as they are offered under other existing exemptions.

The buzz in the crowd was supportive and enthusiastic towards the launch so it will be interesting to see the response of investors over the first couple of months. The launch illustrates the growing maturity of the securities crowdfunding model in Canada as investment platforms like Calgary’s SeedUps also gain deal momentum.

Peer lending is gaining a significant foothold, as well, with Vancouver’s GroupLend and Toronto’s Borrowell targeting consumer credit and American platforms OnDeck and InvestNextDoor offering online business loans. For more insights on Peer Lending watch my recent interview on The Exchange with Amanda Leary on CBC News.

With over $16B raised globally in 2014, (source: Massolutions), the crowdfunding sector is experiencing massive growth and the vision of better access to capital is rapidly unfolding. While the investor adoption, successful capital raises and winning platform players has yet to be determined in Canada, Frontfundr is off to a good start.

For more on the launch of Frontfundr, you can view the full launch release here.

Bret Conkin is the Founder of CrowdfundSuite, a Crowd Investing and Crowdfunding Aggregator and Consultancy. CrowdfundSuite provides platform access and expert services to help organizations profit from the new Crowd Economy. Bret is an active blogger on alternative finance, an Ambassador to the National Crowdfunding Association of Canada and a former executive with FundRazr. He has founded and collaborated on multiple tech start-ups including Canada’s first Crowdfunding platform Fundfindr launched in 2008.

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