Hadlie’s Bucket List: a little lady with a brain tumor.


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We would like to raise funds so Hadlie can have her dreams come true. Please help us make memories for our family in the short time we have left!

On March 28, 2011 Sarah, Kade and I were blessed with our beautiful daughter, Hadlie Violet.

Hadlie was born with an amazing fiery spirit and an invincible personality. She is fearless and exemplifies the popular quote from Mr. William Shakespear, “and though she be but little, she is fierce”. She makes us laugh everyday and brings so much joy to everyone in her life.

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Hadlie started limping about 3 weeks ago. Initially we took her in to have x-rays to make sure she did not have an injury.  When her left arm became weak, about 10 days later, we knew something was not right. We took her to the emergency department on Thursday and then again on Saturday, knowing we could not just leave her symptoms to get worse. Her left arm and leg had grown weak to the point where she was unable to catch or throw a ball. Prior to this Haddie (as she is affectionately known by all close to her) could rifle fastballs by even the best hitters.

On Saturday, May 17th, just 6 short days after Mother’s Day, we found out that our little lady had a brain tumor.

Haddie had a CT Scan and a lump was located in her head, which explained the weakness she was experiencing.  She was flown from Grande Prairie to the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta where she met the best medical team.  The medical staff quickly completed an MRI and it showed a large growth on her brain stem.  Haddie was diagnosed with a DIPG tumor, a form of cancer which occurs in children that is, sadly inoperable, and to this date, incurable.  We got the most unbelievable news that our little lady is not going to win this battle.

Even though we believe in the medical team and science of the medicine designed to help Haddie, and what we are told that she will not be with us as long as we hoped she would, we still believe in miracles and the power of prayer. We are not quitters, and although we want to spend the most time we can with Haddie we also want that time to be quality time.  We hope we get to buy Haddie the next size up in her favorite t-shirt (her green KCCO t-shirt in the photo with her dad). We are remaining positive and definitely Keeping Calm and Chiving On!

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