Seedrs: In Crowdfunding, Momentum is King

Data based on July 2012 – June 2013 Seedrs listings. Photo Courtesy of Seedrs

Data based on July 2012 – June 2013 Seedrs listings.
Photo Courtesy of Seedrs

The more than 17,000 investors who have joined Seedrs since our launch in July 2012 break down into two broad categories. The vast majority are “independent” investors, people who have come to Seedrs to discover and invest in great startups. The smaller group by number—but not, as this post will explain, by importance—are “network” investors who joined Seedrs in order to invest in a specific startup that they had learned about from a friend, family member or someone in their external network.

For a startup seeking capital through Seedrs, the independent investors often seem like the most exciting of the two. These are people whom the entrepreneur has never met before but who are so inspired by what they see that they decide to join the startup on its journey by putting their capital into it. Network investors, by contrast, involve a lot of hard work to mobilise: the entrepreneur has to reach out to them through online and offline media, tweeting, Facebook-ing, attending networking events and putting in long hours in lots of other ways to drive them to invest in their business.

But if there is one secret to success on Seedrs…. (story continues)

This article was written by Jeff Lynn CEO and co-founder of Seedrs. And, Chairman of the Coalition for a Digital Economy (COADEC).

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